Sunday, November 11, 2012

Not all we love is good for us

"Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu sedangkan ia baik untukmu dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu sedangkan ia buruk untukmu. Allah mengetahui sedangkan kamu tidak tahu." [ Surah. Al Baqarah : 216 ] Assalamualaikum , heres the main point that veredically pop out from my mind . some peoples does not brain this . just accede with the very normal tough . "i like it to be this wayy" , "this is the best way ever" , "i think we must do all these again and again coz it is very funnyy , "very comfy to be like this" . do not follow your lust , do not follow western lifestyle . islam hermit us the exact , the proper lifestyle . why cant we follow all of guidance from Him ? your dressing style , is it covering your aurah . me also -.- when youre having a date , do you keep a space from your couple ? HAHA . it is too hard to control our lust aite? me too . but at leastttttt , avoid zina , fornication . dont u have pride ? men , women ? your virgin lost and you didnt even care? eventough sex is veryyyyyyyy splendid to everyone . at least , marry first . it is a shame , very sorrowful if youre marry to the prefect hubby , wife , but youre past is very dirty . you dont have virgin . you give it to the others just fullfill your lust , temporary happiness. oh mannnn. change it ok ? Not all activities , our lover , our attitude that we like to do it , not all good to ourself , to everyone . think the sins . Asslamualaikum brothers (Y) - thak you azila cause you remind me about this in our blogpost .